David’s Roasting


“Coffee is an obsession”

This may be one of my favorite new roasters in San Diego. David and his wife Alena started roasting their own coffee because they were disappointed with the quality of coffee they got from stores and the price they were paying for it. I’m sure you can relate. Their philosophy is simple, coffee should be direct trade, sourced from single farms and should be roasted strictly to order.

Let me tell you they stand by that philosophy. After deciding to feature their coffee in our box we were told we would need to be down at their shop in downtown San Diego the day before our boxes shipped. This was non-negotiable. David typically roasts every week on Tuesday, however we needed to have our boxes out by Monday as we were leaving to visit family in Kentucky. Not only did he not take the easy way out and give us week old beans, David came in early and roasted our batch of coffee with us in the shop. Literally going from roasting, to box, to you! How awesome is that?!

It was awesome to see the hot air roasting of their beans, as opposed to more traditional drum roasters ( air roaster pictured above). This method swirls the beans in the heated air making sure an even roast is achieved with minimal to no chance of burning. They also stamp each bag with a signature roasted date letting you know exactly how fresh your coffee is.

If you already tried their amazing Half and Half in our December Discover Coffee box and want more, you can get your fix by sending us an email. If you haven’t signed up for our monthly care package but would like to try some amazing coffee click here.

As always stay caffeinated!

Colton | Beans N’ Leaves

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