December’s Coffee

It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas! Snow is falling, reindeer are prancing and Jack Frost is nipping at your nose. Ok, well maybe not all of those things are happening here in San Diego, but it was below 70 yesterday so that’s about as close to a white Christmas as we will get. Even though we may not be wrapped up in blankets yet I am very excited to talk about this amazing coffee we have for you and give some insight on what you can expect!


Dark Horse Coffee Roasters | Find out more

Coffee: “Guatamala”

Region: Guatemala (Single origin)

Roast: Medium

Cupping: Tangerine | Blackberry | Dark Chocolate

Certification: Direct Trade

Recommended Brewing Method: Pour over | French press

Recommended Grind: Medium | Medium-Coarse

Tasting Notes: In your box you will find a peppermint marshmallow (by Sugar Mamma’s) The dark chocolate and mild sweetness of this roast mixes perfectly with the hint of peppermint. Give it a try!


Lanna Coffee Co. | Find out more

Coffee:  Honey Artisan

Region: Northern Province of Thailand

Roast: Light

Cupping:  Bourban | Bright |Honey

Certification: Direct Trade

Recommended Brewing Method:  Pour over | French Press

Recommended Grind: Fine – Pour over | Medium – French press

Tasting Notes: Honey Artisan has Lanna’s highest caffeine content. Perfect for an especially difficult monday morning. Just try a different roast for your afternoon cup!


David’s Roasting | Find out more

Coffee: Half and Half

Region: Costa Rica | Columbia

Roast: Blend | Half light, Half Dark

Cupping: Walnuts | Caramel | Light Acidity

Certification: Fair Trade

Recommended Brewing Method: Any

Recommended Grind: Fine | Medium

Tasting Notes: This is the perfect roast for anybody with FOMO. Half dark and Half light. Use your Just Panela sweetener in this coffee and see the flavors really pop!


We would love to hear from you and what you thought about your coffee. I’ll leave you with this, do you remember your favorite cup of coffee? If you do, tell us what it is and where you got it below!

Colton | Beans N’ Leaves