Lanna Coffee Co.


“Coffee with a mission”

Not only is their coffee great, so is their mission. In the jungles of Thailand, local villagers had been controlled by poverty and drug cartels. Richard and Marlene Mann in 1959 decided they wanted to help. They started coffee farms in 40 different villages that are now 100% owned and sustained by the people of Thailand.

Since 2010, Lanna Coffee Co. has worked alongside ITDP (Integrated Tribal Development Project) and the villagers to purchase that coffee, often paying beyond the Fair Trade value. Doing so allows the Thai villagers to be self-sustainable, while Lanna Coffee Co. works to further support the cause by offering this specialty coffee to the U.S. market.

Their plantations now make some of the best beans in the world and are making lives better. Isn’t that what it’s all about? So enjoy your delicious Honey Artisan from Lanna and that warm feeling inside won’t just be from your drink.

If you already tried their amazing coffee in our December “Discover Coffee” box and want more, you can get your fix by sending us an email. If you haven’t signed up for our monthly care package but would like to try some amazing coffee click here.

As always stay caffeinated!

Colton | Beans N’ Leaves

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