Is Valentine’s Day a Holiday?


There are a lot of disagreements when it comes to Valentines’s Day. Some say it’s just a holiday made up by Hallmark to make more money and some love Valentine’s Day and like to be reminded of the people that love them (even if it’s not a significant other). Well, for me, Valentine’s Day was always special. My birthday happens to fall on the 15th, the day after Valentines Day and my mom made sure to celebrate both with me! She would always have a card and chocolates waiting downstairs for me before school and flowers and sometimes jewelry. As I grew up, we celebrated less of Valentine’s Day and more just for my birthday. This year, I told my husband I want to bring back that feeling I had when I was a kid. We decided to have the most cheesy Valentine’s Day ever! We will have a picnic at home with chocolate covered strawberries (pink with sprinkles of course), silly cards, champagne, and romantic movies!

So whether you decide to go all out and have a cheesy Valentine’s Day or have a simple day and a nice dinner, make sure you tell someone in your life that you love them (even if it’s just your mom).

pexels-photo-264487Here are some great ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year: 

  • Have an indoor picnic with a homemade dinner (or takeout) 
  • Write each other a silly love note or card
  • Go to your favorite restaurant and get just dessert (let’s be honest, chocolate is must on Valentine’s day)
  • Take a walk on the beach or through your favorite neighborhood 
  • Get a t-shirt made with a cheesy/sweet love note on the front. Make it based on how you show love!
  • Create a 5-star dining experience for your loved one (without the price tag). Set up in a park or scenic area picnic style. Have some candles, a bottle of wine, a three-course meal, nice romantic music and of course dessert. 
  • Star Gazing!
  • Find a spot high above the city where you live and go on a drive up there. Take some music, a blanket, and your favorite beverage. Talk and get romantic above the city lights.
  • Drive-in movies. You like movies, you like your car, you like your Valentine. Maybe can even hop in the backseat and feel like you are in high school again!

And after all these Valentine’s Day festivities, you’ll need to recharge so sign up for a Beans N’ Leaves box and we will send you the necessities (Coffee and Tea!)

One Comment Add yours

  1. Peggy Poore says:

    Hope the day is special for you both! We’ll steal some of your ideas 🙂


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